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Bodybuilding Exercises PRO

2.49 usd

*** JANUARY SALE 50% DISCOUNT! ***Bodybuilding Exercises PRO is the most comprehensive fitness & bodybuilding guide for men & women.
The PRO version offers the following extra features compared to the free version: * No ads.* All exercises are available, which is a bonus of 35 exercises. * All workouts are available (doubling the number of workouts compared to the free version)* In the PRO version you can easily create your own workout using a very customizable Workout Builder.* Tabata Timer without restrictions.
More than 150 exercises are explained to you with photos, HD videos and descriptions, where the videos demonstrate you the proper technique of the exercises.
We have the exercises grouped in;- Abdominals - lose (belly) fat or get a sixpack!- Arms - targeting the biceps, triceps and forearms. Get big!- Back - with 10 variations of pullups and chinups.- Butt - get a bigger butt!- Chest - Bench presses in all kind of positions ( flat, incline & decline ), with all kind of equipment ( dumbbell & barbell ) and +5 variations of pushups. Get yourself a bigger chest!- Legs - many variations of lunges & squats.- Shoulders - +25 exercises
The exercises can be filtered by any equipment. So it doesnt matter if you are at home, outside or at the gym, you never have an excuse to not work out!
We have pre-set plans and programs for bodybuilding, fitness and powerlifting The workouts have two variations in the app:- Repetitions and sets, often used with weights and / or in the gym.- Based on time workouts, perfect for workouts at home. Mostly short and intense workouts which you can do without material. The app has a clear timer indicating how long you have to do a certain exercise.
You can track your workout progress and as a bonus, the popular 'Tabata Timer is included in the app.